Medium Krystalight

Medium Krystalight focuses on consistently providing the best medium-light cup of coffee with flavors like caramel with a bright beginning to each sip. Krystalight (my daughter Krystal) enjoy a cup without cream and sugar. We dial in a lighter roast (city level) and blend central American and African beans to provide the natural sweetness in every cup.


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Calvine’s Coffee is a gourmet specialty roast blend of coffee beans. All beans selected are prime (grade 1) coffee beans responsibly sourced from the farmers around the world. All base beans have a SCAA cupping score of over 85 points when roasted to the city roast standard for scoring. Our Craft Roaster roast the coffees to an optimum point for the taste profile desired for Calvine’s blends. Our beans are roasted in small batches in a San Franciscan Artisan Roaster giving an even and gentle roast to every bean.

Calvine’s Coffee uses state of the art packing process, foil lined bags, new zip bags with a degassing valve for a longer coffee life up to one year.

Our company acknowledges small farms and farmers that are part of the Certified Rainforest  Alliance, Fairtrade and Direct Trade.

Calvine’s Coffee is based on family memories, three of our six coffees are named after family members who inspired me: grandmother, mother and my daughter.

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