Calvine's Story

As a young girl, I remember visiting my grandparents farm every summer. There were sugar canes, pecan trees and other fun things for an imaginative adventurer like myself to get immersed in. I guess I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit because my favorite thing to do at the farm was to pick and sell pecans.

The time I spent on the farm was like a gift and something that I will treasure for a lifetime. It was all about family filled with generations of wisdom and, not to mention, some of the most amazing soul-food meals you’ve ever tasted.

I especially remember spending time in the kitchen around the table with my mother and grandmother praying, laughing, and sharing deep loving conversations. There was always a fresh pot of coffee brewing on the stove. This is when I first fell in love with coffee, and to this day the fresh aroma of coffee brewing takes me back to the happiest days of my childhood.

As the founder and owner of Calvine’s Coffee, I believe “passion” demands perfection with every batch roasted and every cup poured.

Calvine Frazier

Calvine Frazier, Founder Calvine's Coffee