Here's What Our Customers Have to Say...

Your coffee…has a nice flavor. I drink my coffee black so I tend to be a bit of a picky coffee-person.  I enjoy a good cup of Joe and the cup I had this morning was very good.  Thank you for sharing your coffee!

Chelsea Dulin, MBA
Sr. Fiscal Analyst – Mecklenburg County

I tried your coffee over the weekend and it is excellent!   I really enjoyed my Saturday morning coffee! 

Teresa McDow
Mecklenburg County –Economic Development Department

I love Calvine’s coffee, and I hate coffee.  I recommend trying and comparing her coffee to other brands.  This is the best I have had in 30 years.

Mr. Brice Joyce
5-Stars on Facebook

I was excited about trying your coffee, especially knowing it was a product made by “us”.  I only tried the original caffeinated (Calvine’s Signature) blend and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  The flavor was just rich enough and very smooth.

Terri H. Peters
Sr. Fiscal Analyst – Mecklenburg County

Firstly the web page is very nice and inviting.  Secondly the story “About Us” was touching and allowed me to vision myself with her there with her grandmother and mother which was very good.  Thirdly the product was order on one day and by the third day I had my coffee.  I like the professionalism and business ethics of the company.  Finally, of course, the coffee and all the favors are great and I would encourage all to get the sample packages.  If you are a coffee drinker then you will like them too.

Joan Collier
Fort Knox, KY

It was the best coffee I’ve ever had. Hands down!

Makena Subira Munashe
5-Stars on Facebook

Fantastic coffee omg! I didn’t even needed sugar for it.

Mariposa Tee
5-Stars on Facebook